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The Ophthalmology Department of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a key specialty supervised by Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. It serves as a training base of medical practice and scientific research. 
Medical professionals in this department undertake ophthalmic teaching task of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University undergraduate students, graduate students, international students and adult education, and it is one of the Chinese medicine ophthalmology resident standardization training base in Zhejiang province.

Healthcare facilities: 
25 inpatient beds; 
over 800 inpatient admissions per year;
over 70,000 outpatient visits every year;
over 800 surgeries performed annually;
equipped with ZEISS Surgical Microscopes, Phacoemulsification and Vitrectomy Systems, YAG Laser and Fundus & Endo laser, Ultrasonic Bio-Microscopes, Fundus & Anterior Camera, Non-contact Tonometers, Auto-Refractors, Ophthalmic ultrasonic A/B Scan, and Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCTA), etc.

Doctors and Medical Staff: 
28 ophthalmology doctors, including 1 chief physician, 6 associate chief physicians, 14 attending physicians and 7 resident physicians;
In terms of academic degree, the department has 3 doctor degree holders and 20 master’s degree holders;
As for social activities and honors, two physicians serve as standing committee members in China Association of Chinese Medicine, three in Zhejiang Association of Chinese Medicine, one committee member of Zhejiang Association of Integrative Medicine, one young scholar in Zhejiang Medical Doctors Association, and one winning the honorary title of Medical Expert of Hangzhou Medical Association;
Medical staff are working to build more targeted specialties including those of TCM ophthalmology, fundus diseases, myopic refractive conditions, ocular plastic surgeries and dry eyes.

Scientific Research Results:
Published multiple well-reviewed journal articles including SCI papers;
Published nearly 20 published medical books as chief editors or editorial members;
Undertook projects at national, ministerial and provincial levels;
Won awards for outstanding contributions to scientific and technological progress.


A team of specialist focus on treating eye conditions with integrated therapies of TCM and western medicine, especially, treating ocular fundus diseases such as retinal and optic nerve diseases, dry eye, corneal diseases, uveal diseases, strabismus, amblyopia, refractive errors, as well as performing microincision vitrectomy surgery (MIVS), microincision phacoemulsification combined with injectable intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, and glaucoma surgery

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