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Found in 1965, Acupuncture dept is the key discipline of State Administration of Chinese Medicine, the Key specialty of Zhejiang Administration of Chinese Medicine. The dept trains over 50 overseas students every year, many acupuncture doctors have been invited to different countries like America, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, New Zealand, Poland, Japan, for academic exchange and giving lectures.

Department Scale: 

It has 38 inpatient beds, the annual admission patients are over 700,the annual outpatient is over 120,000. 

Talent Team: 
The dept has 23 employees including 7 senior physicians, 1 provincial outstanding Chinese medicine expert, 1 academic experience inheritance instructor of national famous TCM expert.

Scientific Achievements: The dept has carried out over 40 national and provincial level research projects; among them, 14 have won the awards and 2 has achieved national patents of invention; over 200 papers have been published, and over 10 treaties complied. 

Clinical Characteristic:
The doctors use the thick needles techniques, abdominal acupuncture flexibly to treat winter diseases to in summer, acupoints catgut-embedding and moxibustion to treat many kinds of difficult and complicated disease like facial paralysis, stroke, hysteria, syringomyelia, asthma, gastroptosis, acute enteroplegia, ankylosing spondylitis, tinnitus & deafness, metroptosis, malpresentation, infantile cerebral palsy, ADHD, Obesity and so on with achieving significant effect. 

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