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The dept is the key specialty of 11th five-year plan of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Key discipline of Zhejiang Province. The dept has distinctive characters of combination of Chinese and Western medicine, integrates clinical medicine, teaching with scientific research. It has profound academic origins of Chinese medicine and strong western medicine capacity, and enjoys a high reputation in the province.
The dept focuses on traditional Chinese medicine and attaches equal importance to TCM and Western medicine, that forms a number of medical specialties which with distinctive features of TCM.
In such diseases as bronchial asthma, chronic cough and recurrent respiratory tract infections, the doctors treat the incident and fundament, internal and external simultaneously, prevent its recurrence and reduce its symptoms; 
Children with precocious puberty need early diagnosis by syndrome differentiation and intervention to get assured curative effect with fewer side effect; 
Children with nephrotic syndrome, anaphylactic purpura, thrombocytopenic purpura, it is to strengthen the body constitution based on TCM differentiation, to reduce the side effects of long-term of hormone, enhance the immunity, reduce the recurrence, to achieve remarkable curative effect, lower recurrence rate and minimize the side effect. 
For infantile tic disorder and ADHD, via the treatment of combination of Chinese and Western medicine, it achieves obvious effect but with low side effect and recurrence rate. 
Children with leukemia are treated by international standard powerful, regular and associated chemotherapy, which achieves a high long-term survival rate. 
 The department has 74 outpatient beds with strong academic team of 1 national famous TCM specialist, 2 provincial famous TCM specialists, 15 chief physicians and associate chief physicians. 
The department has undertaken 32 research projects, 4 are state-level, 28 are at province-level and bureau level. 5 of the projects have won provincial and bureau science and technology awards, 162 papers and 4 monographs have been published.

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