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Mastopathy Dept is a key specialty of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, key specialty of Zhejiang Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, national clinical medicine research base,vice chairman of Mastopathy Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine, vice chairman of Mastopathy Branch of Zhejiang Association of Integrative Chinese and Western medicine.
It is one of the education station of Doctor's degree in TCM Surgery, Master's degree in TCM, and Integrative Chinese and Western Medicine of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. The dept is the first-class clinical, scientific research and education base of breast disease, with comprehensive strength of Chinese and Western medicine, obvious features and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, enjoys high reputation domestically. 
The dept has 22 staffs, including 1 academic experience inheritance instructor of national outstanding TCM experts, 1 provincial outstanding TCM expert, 1 doctor’s supervisor, 5 master’s supervisor, 9 doctors and 8 masters. 
The department opens specialist clinics, special disease clinics, owns 80 inpatient beds, equipped with advanced instruments and specializing in breast cancer, acute mastitis, plasma cell mastitis, breast hyperplasia, fibroadenoma and cyst, refractory children and male breast dysplasia and difficult miscellaneous diseases. It has high detection rate for early breast cancer and occult breast cancer.
A series of special prescriptions 1-8 for mammary gland and compound Xianling pi Xiaozheng granules were developed, which with excellent clinical effect. 
The department has undertaken dozens of projects of national and provincial natural scientific fund; some has won second prize of provincial natural and scientific fund, first prize of provincial TCM science and technology award; over 100 papers have been published, 10 of them accepted by SCI, 4 national patents have invented.  
The TCM Surgery Teaching and Research Department of the Center is appraised as excellent teaching and research department. Many teachers have been honored as "excellent teachers of school" and "excellent clinical instructor". With the tenet of "Chinese medicine is tough, western medicine is in the forefront", we will build first-class specialty with first-class strength and serve the masses meticulously. 
With the tenet of" Traditional Chinese medicine is powerful, western medicine is at the forefront", to build first-class specialists with first-class strength, to serve the people with sincerity. 

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