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Founded in 1931, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM is a Grade Three Class A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, medical education, scientific research, rehabilitation and health care with striking character of tradition Chinese medicine. It is also the First Affiliated Hospital and First Clinical College of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. The hospital is well known nationwide for its longest history and largest scale with the best technical capacity in Zhejiang Province, and its obvious advantages of combination of Chinese Medicine with western medicine. Zhejiang International Exchange Center of Clinical TCM (IEC-TCM) is officially established in the hospital, which is authorized by Zhejiang Administration Bureau of TCM and Health Bureau of Zhejiang Province.
Acupunctur Rehabilitation  

The acupuncture department is featured by rehabilitation medicine and there are various kinds of therapeutic methods, including TCM as well as west medicine to help patients recovery, such as motortherapy, direct current therapy, transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, shortwave therapy, infrared therapy, paraffin therapy, psychotherapy, taijiquan,

Acupuncture Department
It is the largest acupuncture-training base for foreign students in Zhejiang Province. There are various traditional therapies like Needling, Drug-Cushioned Moxibustion, Direct Mox...
Department of Traditional Chinese I
Combining the theory of traditional Chinese medicine with modern methods of Diagnosis and treatment, the department provides all kinds of medical services for diseases treatment & ...
Department of Massage (Tuina)
It is the earliest and leading massage department in China, over 30 kinds of diseases can be treated through massage, especially in treating cervical lumber pains, such as vertigo,...
Department of Pediatrics
The department has been authorized to confer master degrees and M. Ph. D. The classic Pediatric of Xuan's family, Zhan's family and Ma's family enjoys high reputation in Zhejiang...
Department of Gynecology
It is the TCM Gynecology postgraduates' education center of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. The classic Gynecology of Qiu's family and Song's family which is originate from So...
Oncology Department
The dept is the state-level clinical pharmaceutical research base of Chinese medicine, and master degree and doctoral degree education center of TCM internal medicine,...
Department of Rheumatism and Immuno
It is the immunology master degree education center of Zhejiang Chinese medical University, specializes in treating all kinds of rheumatoid, rheumatic arthritis,...
Department of Neurology
The department is the state-level key research subject, which is one of the top 10 hospital subjects in the country according to the statistic of State Medical Internet....
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