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Founded in 1931, Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine is a Grade Three Class A comprehensive hospital, integrating medical treatment, medical education, scientific research, rehabilitation and health care, with striking characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and obvious advantages of combination of both Chinese and Western medicine. 

The hospital is well known nationwide for its best capacity, longest history and largest scale. It is also The First Affiliated Hospital and The First School of Clinical Medicine of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, undertaking various tasks of internship, clinical training and scientific research for students of the university.

The hospital has 5 serving campuses, respectively in Hubin, Qiantang, Xixi, Fuyang and Deqing. However, Hubin is the original and the headquarter campus, located in downtown Hangzhou, near the beautiful West Lake. Currently it has 2060 inpatient beds, which are expected to be 4600 by the end of the 14th Five Year Plan. 

There are 3600 medical staff in the hospital. Among them, 1 Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 National TCM Master, 2 National Outstanding TCM Experts, and 43 Provincial Outstanding TCM Experts.

The hospital pays close attention to providing best possible medical care and cultivating medical professionals. Therefore, it has built more than 100 rooms devoted to clinical examination, laboratory or giving lectures. Besides, it has above 200 clinical specialties, reaching 2,900,000 outpatient visits annually and about 70,000 discharges every year.

The hospital was evaluated as a national TCM clinical research base, treatment center for major and miscellaneous diseases, regional TCM diagnosis and treatment center, regional medical center construction pilot, national major construction TCM hospital, and one of the first batch of pandemic prevention and control bases through TCM therapies. In 2021, it was graded A+ in performance evaluations of national Grade Three Class A hospitals.

After several generations’ efforts, 10 academic schools with distinctive TCM characteristics have been formed, which enjoy high reputation along the two sides of Qiantang River, such as Ye’s internal medicine, Wei’s internal medicine, Yang’s internal medicine, He’s internal medicine, Yu’s external medicine, Luo’s orthopedics, Qiu’s gynecology, Xuan’s pediatrics, Bai’s ophthalmology and Jin’s acupuncture.

In the past 5 years, the hospital has under taken various research projects, of which, 83 are national and 113 are ministerial and provincial. 30 projects won ministerial and provincial awards, 100 bureau-level awards, 30 patents and 200 utility model patents.

Looking back the glorious development over 90 years, the hospital always follows the motto of "sincerity and benevolence", adheres to "integrating Chinese and Western medicine, and transcending tradition to modernity". The hospital serves human health with full enthusiasm in seeking the truth, being pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising. 

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