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Chinese Medicine Benefits Romanian Patient

On April 26, our experts in Chinese Medicine delivered a remote teleconsultation for Monica, a Romanian patient with tumor. The 40-year-old was diagnosed with a malignant tumor 2 years ago, and the treatment temporarily at that time curbed the development of the disease. 

However, the disease recurred. Fearing the side effects of chemotherapy, she turned to Chinese medicine treatment to delay the development of the disease and improve her quality of life as much as possible. 

Receiving the demand of remote diagnosis and treatment from Romania, Shu Qijin, an oncologist and Xie Xiaohong, an expert in breast surgery, suggested the integrated Chinese and western medicine therapy after careful consultation.

"Teleconsultation like this happens a lot in our hospital. We are continually carrying out the programs like remote treatment and online lectures, to promote the development of Chinese medicine overseas," said Jiang Zhong, head of communication center of our hospital, adding that the hospital has cooperated with hospitals from the US, Australia, Germany, Belgium, France, Israel, India, Japan, South Korea and other countries, in the clinical fields of orthopedics, radiation, digestion, tumor and respiration. "The good effect of Chinese medicine benefit patients from all over the world," said Jiang.

Many medical students and patients in other countries have realized the existence and importance of the integration of Chinese and western medicine. In 2018, China-Israel Center for Chinese medicine was formally established. It is the first national overseas Chinese medicine center, cofounded by our hospital and some countries related to the Belt and Road Initiative.

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