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Online to Offline Clinical Training Significantly Improved Diagnostic Skills
- Inheriting Classics of Chinese Medicine and Practicing Four Diagnostic Methods

On August 5th, Dr. Xia Yongliang, associate chief physician of Chinese medicine and associate professor, delivered wonderful clinical teaching on diagnosis and classics in Chinese medicine.More than 200 Chinese medicine physicians and students from domestic and Israel joined this program through live streaming.

In the training, there were 5 patients joining us. Dr. Xia encouraged interns to experience and practice clinical reception, and provided proper guidance and explication. He flexibly applied items in Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases, comprehensively referred to materials gathered from inspection, listening, inquiry and pulse taking, and precisely made the diagnosis for the patients, which gave syndrome differentiation of Chinese medicine a full play.

The online to offline clinical teaching, attracted plenty of  medical colleagues home and abroad, shared rich clinical experience of Dr. Xia, displayed the four diagnostic methods and put Chinese medicine classics into clinical practice. Dr. Xia emphasized that doctors should know exactly how to inquire a patient basing on the chief complaint. The inquiry needs to be both comprehensive and focused.

The program benefited the participants a lot. Young doctors and interns learned more about receiving patients, boosting their confidence and capacity in clinical inquiry and diagnosis. Medical workers and students gained more diagnostic skills from the expert in Chinese medicine. Moreover, Dr. Xia’s clear diagnostic thinking and humorous language style effectively alleviated negative emotions of the patients, realizing the tenet of patient-centered medical service.

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