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Founded in 1978, the dept is one of the earliest oncology departments of comprehensive hospital in China. Through 40 years’ practice, it has formed a leading national key oncology discipline, with wide range of size and profession, rich TCM characteristic, high level of diagnosis and treatment skill, significant curative effect, high innovation ability and standard management. 

The dept is the TCM clinical key specialty and key discipline of the 12th five-year plan of State Administration of TCM. It is also the TCM and integrated medicine education center of master and PhD of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, the chairman unit of TCM Oncology Specialty Commission of Zhejiang Cancer Prevention Academy, key discipline of Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Academy, Innovation Team Constructing Unit of Higher Education in Zhejiang Province. 

The department is authorized to grant master's and doctor's degree of TCM, clinical medicine of integrated Chinese and western medicine, and a postdoctoral mobile station. The department has 66 staff at present containing 22 doctors and 34 nurses,7 with doctor’s degree, 12 with master’s degree, 4 doctoral supervisor, 7 master's supervisor, 3 academic experience inheritance instructor of national and provincial outstanding TCM experts , 3 provincial outstanding TCM experts, 1 national excellent TCM clinical talent, 3 provincial young and middle-age famous TCM specialists. The department own 137 impatient beds in 2 wards.

Characteristics include: 1. Traditional Chinese medicine combined with chemotherapy (oral, intravenous, interventional therapy, intratumoral injection etc.) to enhance the efficacy, reduce the adverse reactions; 2. Traditional Chinese medicine treats postoperative chemotherapy patients to prevent the recurrence and metastasis and prolong the survival period; 3. Patients with late-stage cancer are treated with traditional Chinese medicine to moderate clinical symptoms, improve the quality of life and prolong the survival period. The Department has carried out extensive practice and research in the field of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of malignant tumors and has achieved some innovative results, and enjoys high reputation in China. It has achieved leading level in treating oncology patient by combination of Chinese medicine with Western medicine. 

In the past years, the department is undertaking 10 research projects with national natural fund of State Administration of TCM, 1 project of national public welfare industry, 2 major science and technology projects of Zhejiang province, 1 of China postdoctoral science fund, and 20 others of bureau funds and provincial natural fund. 7 projects have won province-level and bureau-level awards, and published more than 100 papers and edited 5 monographs. 

The department has general out-patient clinics, expert clinics, special clinics and wards; the annual outpatients are up to 6000, and inpatients 3900. The annual growth rate is over 10%, the proportion of patients outside the region is 70%, and the participation rate of Chinese medicine is over 90%, the social and economic benefits is significant. 

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