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Urology Department of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine is a key specialty supervised by the Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is on the shortlist of provincial hospital leading units of integrated TCM and western medicine urology and andrology in Zhejiang. 
The top-ranked department has a team of specialists focusing on combining minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries with TCM therapies. 
It provides a master's training program of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, and serves as a first-class researching base for TCM physicians-to be in Zhejiang.

Healthcare facilities and centers:
Hubin and Qiantang districts:
38 inpatient beds;
Over 2,000 inpatient admissions per year;
Over 60,000 outpatient visits annually;
More than 1,500 surgeries performed in 2021, including 75% level III and IV operations.
Doctors and Medical Staff: 
18 medical professionals including four chief physicians and four deputy chief physicians, five postgraduate supervisors.

Scientific Research Results:
Two projects supported by Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation;
Five projects initiated by Zhejiang Health Department;
Over 10 projects by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
Published 15 SCI articles;
Won one second prize and two third prizes for advancing medical science and technology;
Played leading roles in treating urology conditions with integrated TCM and western medicine therapies.

Focusing on laparoscopy, microscopy, introducing advanced technologies including EMS percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), dual wavelength semiconductor laser, and RigScan detector, minimally invasive surgery, including endoscopic urological tumor surgery, endourological management of urolithiasis, and urethroplasty;
Treating urinary system conditions with integrated TCM and western medicine therapies, urinary calculi, tumors in urinary system such as prostate tumors, prostatitis, male diseases including erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation;
Corrective surgeries for occult penile fracture and congenital hypospadias.

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