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The Department of Dermatology consists of Dermatology and Plastic Beauty Center, is one of the earliest dermatology specialty in the province. It has distinctive features and relatively complete academic views on TCM external medicine, prevention and therapy in all kinds of skin problems, enjoys high reputation in the field of TCM external medicine Zhejiang.
The dept undertook the 12th five-year plan of clinical key specialty of State Administration of TCM in 2013, 13th five-year plan of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine construction key specialty, and key laboratory of dermatology ( integrated medicine) of Zhejiang Administration of TCM in 2017. 

It is the education center of master and PhD of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, and mobile station of post-doctoral of Chinese external medicine of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. 

It is the chairman unit of China Association of Chinese Medicine TCM Beauty Branch and Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Academy Dermatology Branch; it is also the standard Chinese medicine and clinical training base of resident doctors, combines clinical medicine, education and research, with striking character of TCM. It has formed a combination discipline of Chinese and Western sciences with outstanding characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine integrating clinical medicine, teaching and scientific research. 

The department has 48 staffs, 25 of them are medical doctors and 9 of them are Chief physicians or associate physicians. In the past years, the department is undertaking 3 projects of national natural science fund, 6 projects of province level and 11 projects of bureau level. 200 papers have been published, 5 of them received by SCI, and 2 monographs, obtained 2 patents of invention. One of the research projects have won the third prize of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one project won second prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards,and 4 won third prizes of Science and Technology Progress Awards of Zhejiang Provincial Government. 

The standards of diagnosis and treatments of alopecia areata and warts are published in the book of “The Treatment Scheme of 104 Skin Diseases of 24 Majors”, which were authorized by State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and promoted throughout the country.

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