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It is the earliest and leading massage department in China, over 30 kinds of diseases can be treated through massage, especially in treating cervical lumber pains, such as vertigo, headache caused by prolapsed inter-vertebra disc and cervical spondylosis etc. Other achievements made by the department include the therapy of 'Resolving Adherent Osteo-Arthritis', the treatment of dislocated small joints of lumbar vertebrae with the 'Pull-Rotate Plus Leg-Pulling' method, and the successful therapy of manipulation in treating pediatric diarrhea, malnutrition, convulsion, infantile paralysis,spinal spondylopathy, and muscle-related torticollis,Headache, epigastric Pain, hypertension, heart disease. Insomnia and Sequelae of Strokes are also treated in this department.

The department is also undertaking Pediatrics massage for infantile diarrhea, infantile muscle-related torticollis, and other internal organs disorders. It is on the leading level in Zhejiang Province for treating cervical spondylosis, prolapsed lumber inter-vertebra discs. They have been treating over 5000 patients who with prolapsed lumber inter-vertebra discs by the technique of ONE-TIME bone setting and realignment. It has been awarded the first prize of Zhejiang Province medical science & technology advancement.

Massage is not only a treatment for many kinds of disease, but also a traditional method for health care and rehabilitation.

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