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Found in 1956, the Department of General Medicine is a comprehensive clinical department on TCM treatment and integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. The Dept. includes TCM internal medicine clinic, Western medicine internal medicine clinic, general practice clinic, TCM ward and physical examination center.

Healthcare Facilities: The Dept. is the largest outpatient department in our hospital, with an annual outpatient visits of more than 300,000. TCM ward has 10 inpatient beds, and 253 patients were discharged in the first half of 2022.

Talent Team: The Dept. has 24 employees including 7 senior physicians, 1 provincial famous TCM physician, 1 national outstanding TCM clinical research and training talent, 4 academic experience inheritors of national famous TCM expert.

Scientific Research Achievements: In the last five years, the Dept. has carried out over 18 national and provincial level research projects, published over 70 papers including 5 SCI papers, 13 academic works including 2 guidelines and standards and 1 textbook.

Clinical Characteristics: The Dept. embodies the holism concept of TCM and the spirit of treatment based on syndrome differentiation. The doctors use traditional Chinese medicine theory combined with modern diagnosis and treatment means to diagnose, treat, prevent and recuperate patients. It fully demonstrates the advantages of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases and undifferentiated diseases. Also, many special clinics are established, such as classical teaching clinics of TCM, clinics for consumptive disease (sub-health state), weight loss clinics, tobacco dependence clinics, insomnia clinics (Qiantang), sweating syndrome clinics (Qiantang), gout clinics (Qiantang), health management specialist clinics (Qiantang), health care clinics (Qiantang), which provide patients with overall medical service and health management.

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