Dr. Wang Kungen

Dr. Wang Kungen, Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine,Doctoral Supervisor, Provincial Notable Physician of Chinese Medicine, Instructor of No. 4th and No. 5th batch of national inheritance task of experts' academic experience of Chinese medicine. 

Dr. Wang had served successively as a director of Zhejiang Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, vice-president of Zhejiang Chinese Medical College, president of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM. Now he is the vice-chairman of Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, vice-chairman of Zhejiang Medical Association-Internal Medicine Branch, Council Member of Zhejiang Cancer Prevention Association and Zhejiang Recovery Medical Association. He was also one of the editorial board members of Zhejiang Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Journal of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, editorial counselor of Cancer Prevention Journal. Dr. Wang was also an advisor of professional committee of Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine-Geriatrics Special Branch, cadre's health care experts of Zhejiang Health Committee.

At present, Dr. Wang is vice-president of Zhejiang Institute of Prominent Chinese Medicine, also the academic leader of "TCM Spleen & Stomach Disease"-the 11th "five-year plan" key research program of State Administration of Chinese Medicine-, and "Preventive Treatment of Diseases"-the 12th "five-year plan" key research program. 

Dr. Wang has been engaged in clinical practice and research for over 50 years. And he has solid professional theoretical basis and rich clinical experience in treating internal common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult miscellaneous diseases, especially digestive disease, cardiovascular disease, tumour and psychosomatic disease.
He has been in charging and participating in many major research projects, over 30 assays have been published, he is also the chief editor for many medical works. 

These are Dr. Wang's main research projects:
The Study of the Effectiveness & Safety of Bi Tong Shu for Treating Dysfunction Indigestion,  
Study of Treating Phlegm Accumulation & Blood Stagnation for Prevention of CHD
The Study of Objective Indicators of TCM Clinical Classification of CHD,
The Study of Changing Rules of TCM Patten of Pre & Post CHD PCI & Its Relation of Insulin Resistance,Experimental Study of Dong Shang Ye Treating Atherosclerosis.