Dr. Jiang Zhen
Dr. Jiang Zhen, physician of TCM, graduated from Shandong Chinese Medical University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese medicine in 2014, had systematically studied with Professor Gao Shuzhong's of "navel therapy" and "one needle therapy". In 2017, he graduated from Tianjin Chinese Medical University with a master's degree in Chinese medicine, majoring in acupuncture and tuina. He followed Prof Shi Xuemin, a national Chinese medical master, to learn the acupuncture technique of "refreshing the brain and opening orifices" and "activating blood and dispersing the wind". During his postgraduate study, he followed Prof Liu Baoku, a disciple of famous acupuncture expert Prof Zhang Jin to learn the scar tissue releasing technique with acupuncture, and became an academic heritage disciple of baoku tuina therapy under the guidance of Professor Liu. He has accumulated rich experience in diagnosis and treatment of chronic muscle strain, fascial scar, nervous headache, cervical diseases and lumbar diseases. He applies the idea of "refreshing the brain and opening the orifices" to tuina treatment, and thinks that "regulating and refreshing the mind" are the most important rule during tuina treatment. The combined treatment of acupuncture and tuina is used for body pain caused by fascia scar.