Dr. Ye Shuliang
Dr. Ye Shuliang is the director of Tuina dept, Associate Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, Associate Professor of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Vice Chairman Committee Member of Tuina Branch-Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Academy.

Dr. Ye's specialty is using TCM bone setting manipulation to rebuild internal & external balance of spine, there for to treat cervical-genetic headache, dizziness, attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD), protrusion of lumbar inter-vertebral disc, scoliosis etc. Dr. Ye is in charging and participating in 7 national and provincial research projects. His clinical study of 'The Treatment for Spinal Mini-joints Dislocation-Related Diseases', has achieved remarkable outcomes. The research of 'Correlations Between Lumbago & Social Psychological Factors of Air Crewmen & Submarine Workers' had awarded Third Progressive Prize of Science and Technology of Chinese People's Liberation Army in 2010.