Dr. Jiang Zhong
Dr. Jiang Zhong is an Associate Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, committee member of Tuina Branch-Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Academy. Over 20 years of clinical practice, Dr. Jiang has accumulated abundant experience in diagnosing and treating cervical & lumbar spondylosis, headache, spinal joint dislocation by means of bone setting and re-aligns spinal joints. From 2012-2014, as a leader of China Medical Support Team to Africa, Dr. Jiang had serviced in Namibia for two years, have treated hundreds of local residents, also Mr. Sam Nujoma, the ex-president of Namibia, and many other official governors of the country, won high praises from local government and masses. Meantime, Dr. Jiang is one of the main clinical training instructors in Tuina Dept, speaks excellent English, have taught and trained over 200 foreign Tuina practitioners over the past 10 years. His vivid manipulation demonstration, hand by hand teaching, as well as verbal instruction, helps foreign students learned original and authentic Chinese Tuina technique efficiently.