Dr. Du Honggen
Dr. Du Honggen is an Associate Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, Master of Medicine, committee member of Tuina Branch-Zhejiang Chinese Medicine Academy, committee member of Acupotomy Branch-Zhejiang Acupuncture Academy. He has over 20 years clinical experience, specialized in diagnosing and treating cervical & lumbar spondylosis, headache, spinal joint dislocation by means of bone setting and re-aligns spinal joints, it   achieved remarkable effectiveness, won widespread praises. He also has rich experience in treating hyperostosis, degenerative arthritis; It is Dr. Du initiates the TCM balance comprehensive therapy for treating adolescent scoliosis, helped many teenagers avoiding operation. Meantime, he also participates in several national and provincial research projects, over 10 essays have been published on national first class medical journals.