Clinical Experience in Treating Lumbago Mainly with Yaoji Point

Yaoji point is an empirical acupoint in my treatment for lumbago, which has miraculous efficacy. It locates in the depression between the spine and the iliac crest, horizontal to the depression between the upper margin of the transverse process of the first sacral vertebra and the iliac crest margin. It has many indications, such as various spinal diseases, especially for diseases mainly characterized by waist pain.

Needling manipulation: Acupoint are selected on both sides. Perpendicularly insert No.30 1.5-cun filiform needles at Yaoji points with a depth of 1.0-1.5 cun. A strong sore and distending sense or the sense reaching the lower abdomen are suitable. Apply the manipulation technique of neutral reinforcement and deduction, usually combined with electro-acupuncture therapy. Connect a pair of electrodes at Yaoji points and mainly use continuous waves, subject to the patient’s tolerance. Cupping or blood-letting can also be additionally applied. Needling Yaoji points can alleviate local inflammation and promote blood circulation, thereby achieving effects of freeing meridians, moving qi, activating blood and relieving pain. Clinically, it should not give deep needling or application with caution in pregnant women and those in menstruation.

Case: Ms. Wu, 49 years old. Repeated waist pain and discomfort for 1 year, aggravated for 2 days. The patient has sore and distending sense in the waist for 1 year, and the symptoms got worse 2 days ago that sitting for 5 min could cause unbearable aching pain in the waist. Examination: Muscular tension in the left side of the lower back, a sore and distending sense when pressing, no obvious pressure point, throwing out belly test (-), percussion of both renal areas (-), and straight leg raise 70° of both sides. MRI: Mild hyperosteogeny of lumbar vertebra and wedge-shaped changes in the vertebral body of T11. Yaoji points, Shenshu (BL 23), Yaoyan (EX-B 7) and Juliao (GB 29) of both sides were needled by neutral reinforcement and reduction, and Shenshu (BL 23) was needled by twirling reinforcement. Electro-acupuncture was applied at Yaoji points and Juliao (GB 29) of both sides, with the needles retained for 30 min. After removal of the needles, cupping was performed at Yaoji points for 5 min. At the end of the treatment, the patient felt the lumbar sore distention disappeared completely. She was told to do more functional exercise. After 8 times of treatment, she was basically cured.