Clinical Experience Introduction of the Treatment of Sweating Disorder by Draining Excessive Fire & Returning Fire to Its Origin

Medical Record Number: 72670793

TCM Diagnose: hyperhidrosis

Male, 20 years old

Chief Complaint: Recurrent excessive sweating

Medical History: Recurrent excessive sweating, especially on hand, intolerant to hot and cold, hot temper, anxiety, acne, dry stool; appetite and sleep is normal, no thirsty and bitter taste in the mouth.

Tongue and Pulse: Tongue was dark red, and the pulse was tight.

TCM Diagnosis: Hyperhidrosis

TCM Differentiation: Heat accumulated in heart and liver.

Treatment Strategy: Clear and discharge stagnated heat, restrain and stop sweating


sheng bai zhu 6g

Shi chang pu 10g

duan long gu 30g

duan mu li 30g

Huai xiao mai 30g

Bian tao gan 20g

ma huang gen 10g

sang ye 15g

Suan zao ren 15g

lu gen 30g

Dan zhu ye 10g

Deng xin cao 3g

Shi gao 20g

zhi mu 10g

Huang bai 10g

Bo zi ren 15g

Rou gui 5g




The formula is for 7 days, decocted in plain water, twice a day, take it when it is warm.

Second Visit: 7 doses of consolidation, then was cured.

Note: The patient is a young male, with normal sleep and appetite, has sufficient qi and essence. He complains of anxiety, anxious temper, emotional, excessive heart and liver fire stagnated for a long time brought to acne. Fire has the nature of flaming upward that forces body fluid leakage, therefore he has recurrent sweating; heart fire moves downward and reside in intestines, makes dry stools. While patient has dark red tongue and tight pulse, instates the signs of internal heat. Recurrence of sweating consumes Qi and damages Yin, causes nutrient-defense disharmony, loss of the management of interstices, and gradually damages yang, results in intolerant to cold and heat. Yang deficiency failed to hold yin, making the hands sweat like running water.

Therefore, in these formulae, we use zhi mu and huang bai to clear and drain liver fire,  eliminate stagnated heat; sang ye is to clear heat and outthrust the exterior, get rid of stagnated heat; lu gen, dan zhu ye and deng xin cao are used to clear heart and promote urination, guide heat to go downward and brought out through urination; sheng bai zhu stops sweating and promote bowels, benefit spleen and stomach; suan zao ren and bai zi ren calm the spirit and moisten large intestine to relieve constipation for its sour flavor; shi chang pu resolves phlegm and softens nodules, and prevents the binding of water and heat that engenders phlegm; duan long gu and duan mu li astringe sweating, and subdue yang to its root. Huai xiao mai and ma huang gen harmonize the nutrient and defense, stop sweating; bian tao gan tonify deficiency and constrain sweating; rou gui guides fire to its origin and secure life root. With the combination of all the medicines, the stagnated heat can be released; the root of yang to be secured, the nutrient and defense to be harmonized, therefore, over sweating can be controlled.