Xu Yonggang Inherits and Shares the Clinical Experience of Jin Wenhua - The Founder of Acupuncture Dept. of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Jin Wenhua was the founder of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Dept. in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine. He learned from Dr. Sun Jigang, a prestigious specialist in acupuncture in Zhejiang Province, and he absorbed the essence from masterpieces, like Internal Classic, Synopsis of Golden Chamber, Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases, Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Song to Golden Needle, Song to Elucidate Mysteries, etc. At the same time, he combined the modern concept of acupuncture, and finally, he became a master and invented Jin’s acupuncture therapy with specific efficacy. Dr. Xu Yonggang used to learn from Dr. Zhao Benchuan and Dr. Zhang Shuhua, students of Dr. Jin Wenhua. He summarized and published several concepts in Zhejiang Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The first concept is “cave”. It indicates that an acupoint is a dimple. Precise needling must be based on accurate positioning of an acupoint, and we need to fix the acupoint with the left hand to open it. Dr. Jin emphasized pressing with the left hand, just like the saying in Classic of Questioning, “Doctors who understand acupuncture attach importance to both left hand and right hand, while those don’t know acupuncture well only count on the right hand.”

The second concept is “layer”. It points out there is a depth of every acupoint. Only by inserting the needle to the right depth can Qi be obtained, neither too deep nor too shallow. Basing on the concept of “layer”, concepts like “desire to needling” and “twining needling” is evolved.

The third concept is “spirit”. It includes two meanings, “spirit” of the doctor and “spirit” of the patient. The “spirit” of the patient means that the patient should be in a comfortable position before treatment, keep relaxed and not change the position during the treatment, or the curative effect can be impacted. The “spirit” of the doctor means that the doctor needs to focus on needling manipulation without distractions to achieve good efficacy.

The fourth concept is “intention”. There are many reinforcement-reduction methods in acupuncture, such as twirling, lifting-thrusting, open-close, directional, rapid-slow, respiratory and neutral reinforcement and reduction. Jin’s reinforcement and reduction pays more attention to the intention of needling than its fancy gestures. Moreover, doctors should lay emphasis on practicing their skills, hence the concept of “intention”.