Treatment of Jins Thriple Needles for Tinnitus and Deafness

We treat tinnitus, deafness and hearing loss by using Jin’s Three-Needle therapy combined with Dong’s Extra Point therapy. Jin’s Three-Needle is a unique therapy invented by Prof. Jin Rui from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. When treating tinnitus, deafness and hearing loss, 3 acupoints around the ear are selected, including Tinggong (SI 19), Tinghui (GB 2) and Wangu (GB 12). Prof. Jin Rui believes that tinnitus, deafness and hearing loss are induced by internal factors, such as drugs or toxins damaging the auditory nerve. There for needling needs to be performed comparatively deeper at the disease location, to gain the effect. When needling Tinggong (SI 19) and Tinghui (GB 2), the patient must open the mouth. Insert 1.5-cun filiform needle slowly to a depth of more than 1 cun. Then close the mouth without bending the needles. Wangu (GB 12) locates at the posterior and inferior dimple of the mastoid process behind the ear. Before needling, we need to press the dimple, then insert a 1.5-cun filiform needle slowly towards the inner ear for more than 1 cun.

Dong’s Extra Point is an acupuncture therapy inherited from Dr. Dong Jingchang. When treating tinnitus, deafness and hearing loss, Dr. Xu Yonggang combines the Shenguan point of Dong’s Extra Point. It locates at 1.5 cun below Yinlingquan (SP 9), and the needle should be inserted to a depth of 1.5 cun. In the Dong’s Extra Point therapy, Shenguan is an important point used for treating kidney deficiency. It works well for sciatica, back pain, headache and lumbago caused by kidney deficiency. In TCM, kidney opens at the ears, and tinnitus, deafness and hearing loss are closely related to kidney deficiency. Therefore, Dr. Xu Yonggang combined the Shenguan point with Jin’s Three-Needle to achieve better efficacy.