Dr. Xuan Gui Qi
Dr. Xuan Guiqi:Chief physician of Chinese Medicine, professor, the instructor of the national famous and senior doctors’ academic experience, the famous TCM doctor in Zhejiang Province, the third generation representative inheritor of "Xuan’s pediatrics", and the director of "Xuan’s pediatrics inheritance studio". 
At present, he is the consultant and standing member of the first committee of Academic School Inheritance Branch of China Association of Chinese Medicine, researcher of Zhejiang Research Institute of Famous TCM Doctors, consultant of Pediatric Branch of Zhejiang TCM Association. In 2017, she was awarded the "top ten most famous TCM doctors enjoyed by people online in Zhejiang Province". He inherits and carries forward the academic essence of "Xuan’s Pediatrics" school and pushes it to a new peak. She is good at the treatment of children's critical and difficult diseases, especially for nervous system diseases, such as febrile convulsion, epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, hyperactivity syndrome, lower extremity crossed friction disease, and high lead blood disease. For other diseases, such as refractory asthma, blood disease, diabetes insipidus, myasthenia gravis, autism, cerebral palsy and so on, favorable efficacy could also be achieved. She is the first one to carry out the research on prevention and treatment of children's febrile convulsion with Chinese medicinals and clinical exploration of children's Tourette syndrome in China. She has developed four kinds of hospital preparations, which are widely used in clinic and have definite curative effect. She undertakes 8 research projects of different levels, holds 1 award and 2 patents. She has published nearly 40 academic papers and edited and participated in many works. She has trained 11 successors of the fourth generation of "Xuan’s Pediatrics", set up 5 work stations of Xuan’s school in the whole province, and jointly cultivated more than 30 postgraduates in the recent five years.