Dr. Li Lan
Dr. Li Lan: Associate Professor, deputy chief physician of  Chinese medicine, tutor of master's degree, doctor of medicine, young member of Pediatric Branch of National Chinese Medicine Association, executive director of Pediatric Education Research Association of National Higher Education of Chinese Medicine, executive member of Pediatric Branch of Zhejiang Academy of Chinese Medicine, appointed examination expert of TCM Qualification Certification Center of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is the inheritor of the academic experience of Professor Yu Jingmao, the fourth group of senior Chinese medicine experts in China, and has won the title of excellent inheritor of the State Administration of Chinese medicine. She has been engaged in pediatric clinic, teaching and scientific research for more than 20 years. She is good at the diagnosis and treatment of children's asthma, repeated respiratory tract infection, chronic cough, precocious puberty, dwarfism, enuresis, multiple tic syndrome, purpura and other diseases with integrated treatment of Chinese and Western medicine. She has presided over one natural science foundation of Zhejiang Province, participated in two national natural science foundation projects and two provincial fund projects, presided over four bureau level projects, won six scientific research awards, and published more than 10 academic papers in SCI and first and second level journals.