Dr. Liu Qiang

Liu Qiang, Cardiovascular department

Member of cardiovascular disease branch of China association of TCM, member of Blood-activating and Stasis-resolving professional committee in Chinese medical association, member of cardiovascular disease branch in zhejiang medical association, member of heart disease professional committee in zhejiang association of TCM, standing member of health-care and rehabilitation special committee in zhejiang association of Integrative Medicine.


He is good at treating coronary heart disease, angina, comprehensive management after stenting, hypertension, heart and other complications that related to heart and kidney, or heart failure, arrhythmia, Viral myocarditis (VMC), hyperlipidemia and other cardiovascular diseases within integrative medicine to help making diagnosis and treatment;


He also has unique attainments in the treatment of metabolic syndrome, sequela of cerebral apoplexy, diabetes, chronic gastrointestinal disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, fatty liver, insomnia, sweating syndrome, sub-health state and other diseases.


He has successively studied in Zhongshan affiliated hospital to Fudan university, Beijing Fuwai hospital, university of western Ontario in Canada, presided 15 provincial scientific research projects, published more than 50 academic papers, parts of which were included by SCI, and won 8 provincial and ministerial-level scientific research awards.


He was elected to be a national outstanding clinical talents of TCM, new century 151 talents in zhejiang province, young and middle-aged universities’ academic leaders in zhejiang and other important programs.