Dr. Yu Jingmao
Dr. Yu Jingmao is a Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, Professor of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, vice-chairman of Pediatrics Profession Committee of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, pediatrics profession committee counselor of China Association of Chinese Medicine, and the foregoer of "Yu Jingmao's Academic Inheritance Studio of National TCM Experts". 
Dr. Yu has been devoted himself in pediatrics common diseases and miscellaneous diseases for over 50 years, abundant experience has been accumulated in treating RRTI (Children's Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infection), asthma, capillary bronchitis, chronic cough, dyspepsia, enuresis, transient tic disorder, hydrocele of tunica vaginalis and other diseases. He had been directing and participating 6 national, ministries and provincial research projects. His research achievements had successively awarded Second Prize of Science & Technology Development of Zhejiang Province, Second Prize of Science & Technology Development of China Ministry; and Third Prize of Science & Technology Development of China Ministry. Over 50 papers have been published in distinguished domestic and overseas academic journals; 20 professional monographs have been published and distributed.