Dr. Chen Hua
Dr. Chen Hua is a Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, supervisor of postgraduate,  the forth batch academic experience successor from senior Chinese medical experts, one of the First Hundred National Outstanding Female TCM Physicians, committee member of Pediatric Profession Board of China Association of Chinese Medicine, committee member of Chinese Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, vice chairman of  Pediatric Profession Board of Zhejiang Association of Chinese Medicine, committee member of Medical Ethics Board of Zhejiang Medical Association. 
Since 1986, Dr. Chen had become a professional pediatrics doctor, meanwhile devoted to scientific research and educational programs, specialized in treating pediatric spleen-stomach diseases and pulmonary disease with integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, gained rich clinic experience in infantile diarrhea, chronic gastritis, recurrent respiratory tract infection, asthma etc.
Dr. Chen has been directing and participating over 10 scientific researches, 5 achievements have awarded by Science and Technology Development of Zhejiang Province. She also published over 30 academic papers and 6 monographs and textbooks.