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Hae Min Cho say: Jun 24, 2016
From Hae Min Cho, ACTCM. USA
I'm a student under DAOM program of ACTCM, this time I come to Zhejiang Provincial
Hospital of TCM in Hangzhou for externship from April 4th to May 14th. During this time, I
attended departments like Dermatology, GYN, Acupuncture, Internal Herbs, Tuina and
Pediatric Tuina. In Acup department I learn a lot about treating pain, tinnitus, facial paralysis, and insomnia with needles. Dr. Xuan Lihua, Dr. Xu Fu, Dr. Xu Yonggang and Dr. Wu Xiang in acup department really impressed me.
The herbal intake was very helpful for expanding our understanding of herbs modification in formulas. In U.S, we do not have this great integration of western medicine and TCM. Acupuncture theory was best learned with Dr. Xu Yonggang because he loves to share his
ideas about classical theory, this is rare.
The translators are good and nice, especially Nickole, Justin, Rex and Jeremy. They have strong TCM basic knowledge and excellent accent that really help me a lot in the clinic.
And Dr. Ge, Ms. Chen and Nickole from the International Exchange Center of Clinical TCM in the hospital started to help me figuring out everything before I came and arranged reasonable schedule.
Some suggestion for the hospital: having teachers who are able and willing for foreign students teaching. It would be good to know the list of possible teachers before we arrive.
Administrator Reply:
Diane Haktenstein say: Jun 24, 2016
From Diane Haktenstein, ACTCM USA
This time I came to Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM for Acupuncture, Internal herb
medicine and Tuina (adult and pediatric). I love acupuncture study most, because I feel like it
is so important to develop skillful technique. Dr. Xuan Lihua, the chief physician of acup
department, taught me the abdominal technique and umbilical Ba Gua is incredibly effective,
and as I'm interested in chronic and auto-immune disease, I found her clinic shifts and
lectures to be extremely enlightening. Dr. Xu Yonggang, he is such a valuable asset to
students and patients. I love how he focuses so much on technique which is something I feel
is very important to develop. I admire his knowledge of TCM classics, and I aspire to be as
good of a practitioner as he is- kind, smart and profoundly effective.
And also other doctors from different departments impressed me, like Dr. Ge from Internal
herbs medicine, her herbal formulas are brilliant and yet they make so much sense, also her
instruction is so helpful; Dr. Ye from Tuina department, I love his Tuina technique, he is very
kind, very clear in his communications and I learned so much on his shifts.
I LOVE this training program! I have gained wonderful knowledge and understanding of TCM
practices and theories, and have developed skills that will most certainly enhance my practice
in America. I am like a sponge, absorbing all of this precious education-my gratitude is
profound, and I am so humbly honored to have had this experience.
Dr. Ge, Ms. Chen and Nickole, from the international exchange center, are truly the best-so
helpful, so kind. I feel so lucky to have met and interacted with them. The program was very
comprehensive, and even though my main focus is on acupuncture, I am so happy with all of
my shifts and lectures. Zhejiang Provincial Hospital o f TCM is truly a special place, and the
doctors/ administrators are some of the best I've met.
The only suggestion I have is that since I and my classmates are at the doctoral level of study,
it would be nice to have more advanced lectures and perhaps interact more with doctoral
level students of TCM here in China. But really, I could not be happier or more honored to be
here and study with such esteemed doctors.
Administrator Reply:
Ben Ari Kfir say: Jun 24, 2016
From Ben Ari Kfir

Based on my 7 year experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM and the wonderful Dr. Ge, Ms. Chen and Ms. Cao of the Exchange Center of said hospital. I have been coming here in person, accompanying groups of students and graduates to study at this facility since 2009, and we have been sending our graduates here for over ten years. Our students spend anywhere from one to three months studying under the kind and professional guidance of the respectable doctors at the hospital. During our stay, the students get a chance to experience TCM in its truest modus operandi. Whether it is in the clinic under the kind and patient supervision of the doctors, or in the class room lectures, where we can experience the depth and truly encompassing knowledge of the professors, our students all report an amazing experience. It is extremely important for us that our students experience, first hand, the diagnostics and treatments prescribed in the various departments, and we circulate between internal medicine (Traditional Chinese herbal medicinal treatment) Acupuncture, Tuina and of course pediatrics, OB/GYN etc.
Our students come away with what they say is a deep and inclusive learning experience, so no wonder many of them choose to return in the future for further studies.
I would like to personally thank Dr. Ge, Ms. Chen and Ms. Cao for all the warm welcomes and tremendous help, time and time again, and thank them for all the effort spent in making our visits so productive and smooth. It is a real pleasure to cooperate with them.
I would highly recommend the various programs offered by the Exchange Center at the Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM to any student, graduate or even experienced practitioner. They have been and remain an important pillar in the educating of our TCM practitioners and we will certainly be returning again and again to further our knowledge.

Administrator Reply:
Henry John Chang say: Jun 24, 2016
From Henry John Chang, ACTCM, USA

The translators for us were very good. Nickole was an excellent translator and leader who
made sure we were taken care of. Jeremy (Dr. Wang) is good too, very friendly and a capable
practitioner who could teach us what he knows so well. Rex was very friendly and helpful.
I really learned a lot from this program, especially the pediatric tuina experience helped me to
understand better what l learned in the United States theoretically, but not in a practical
clinical setting. It was a great experience treating the kids and better understanding the
dynamics of the clinic.
Ms. Chen was extremely helpful and accommodating in our learning experience. She went out
of her way to care for us and provide for us the best experience we could have in the hospital
and classroom. She is very friendly and understanding of our needs and cultural differences.
The program is very good and the leaders who helped us were excellent. We were very well
cared for in all of our needs. Thank you for an amazing experience in Hangzhou!!

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