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TCM External Medicine

The dept has accumulated abundant clinical experience in treating such diseases as Immune-Rheumatic diseases, dermatological diseases, male sterility, prostatitis, gall bladder inflammation & stone, peripheral vascular disease with strong character of TCM.




Cardiology Department

The dept is the clinical pharmaceutical research base of State Ministry of Health; it is also the master degree education center of Internal Medicine of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. They have established and carried out the standard GCP system. The dept have completed the massive new medicine clinical trial project. It has remarkable effectiveness in treating following diseases with combination of western medicine and Chinese Medicine, such as: hypertensions, hyperlipemia, coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmia, and myocardial infarction. In recent years they have undertook over 20 of bureau level and above medical research subjects, sees 30,000 patients annually.



Department of Nephropathy

Emphasizing on TCM principle of "differentiation signs and symptoms to determine treatment", symptoms differentiation integrating with diseases differentiation, and treating internally combining with treating externally, the faculties have inherited academic thoughts and rich clinical experiences of senior TCM masters Dr. Ye Xichun and Dr. Li Xueming, and take in new knowledge of advanced modern medicine, innovates new therapies to treat all kinds of kidney disorders.

The department has formed its own distinctive styles in treating the following diseases by both Chinese medicine and western medicine, such as acute and chronic renal failures, lupus nephritis, diabetes-related kidney dysfunction, nephritic syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. It has acquired unique outstanding effectiveness. Herbal oral intake together with exterior wash to treat gout had made remarkable outcome, with the lab indexes significantly improved. The dept had successfully invented more than 5 herb patents such as: Renal Failure Toxins Eliminating Powder. The dept has two Hemo-dialysis centers, receives over 30,000 patients annually.

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