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The key subject of combination of TCM with western medicine of Zhejiang is in this dept. The dept takes full advantages of TCM and the combination with western medicine in treating various kinds of skin diseases like flat warts, verruca vulgaris, summer dermatitis, psoriases, vitiligo, eczema, sexual diseases, facial beauty etc. It has achieved considerable effectiveness with low recurrence rates. The clinics of Atopic Dermatitis, hair loss, psoriasis, Vitiligo facial beauty have gained remarkable curative effect.




Dr. Cao Yi is the Secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM, Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, Professor of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. He is also the vice chairman of Cosmetic Dermatology Profession Board of China Academy of Chinese Medicine, executive member of TCM External Therapy Branch of China Academy of Chinese Medicine, executive member of Ethic Board of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, executive member Zhejiang Academy of Chinese Medicine, committee chairman of Research Board of Zhejiang Doctoral Academic , vice chairman of TCM Board of Zhejiang Sexology Academy, executive member of Health Ethics / Laws Board of Zhejiang STD/AIDS Association, committee member of Dermato-venerology Board of Zhejiang Medical Association.
Dr. Cao is also the editorial board member of Zhejiang Journal of Clinical Medicine and Global Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After graduated from Zhejiang College of TCM in 1987, Dr. Cao gained master degree of dermatovenerology in 1999 and doctor degree of Internal TCM in 2009. During this time, he has been doing clinical dermatovenerology TCM treatment, scientific research and teaching in Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of TCM which is the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. 

Dr. Cao is specialized in treating pedopathy, cosmetology, ulcer of lower limb, allergic dermatosis, and many other different kinds of difficult dermatosis by integration of Chinese and Western Medicine, and he is also directing and participating in pedopathy clinical research, had gained many remarkable achievements in dermatology field.

Ƥ-1-1.jpgDr. Ma Lili, Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, Master of Medical Science, committee member of Dermatology Profession Board and Medical Cosmetology Profession Board of Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine. 

As a visiting scholar, Dr. Ma had been to Shanghai Huashan Hospital and UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) for further study of Dermatology. Also, Dr. Ma had been invited by (    in Germany) to give lecture for postgraduates for three months.
Dr. Ma has been working on dermatology over dozens of years, had accumulated rich teaching and clinical experience. She has a distinct opinion for TCM dermatology, especially in treating psoriasis, photo-sensitive disease, urticaria, eczema, acne, chloasma by pure herbal medicine or combination of Chinese and western medicine. 

Dr. Ma has been in charging and participate several research projects. Among them, one is supported by Natural Science Funds of Zhejiang Provincial and three are TCM Science & Technology Research Projects of Zhejiang provincial. One of her research subjects had awarded Third Prize of TCM Science & Technology Development of Zhejiang Province. Over 20 papers had been published in domestic profound journals, and she is also one of the chief editors of Dermatology specialty works.

Ƥ--1.jpgDr. Wu Peilin is Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, committee member of Dermatology Profession Board of Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, principal of first batch Eczema Dermatitis Research Base of Environment & Occupation Board, Dermatology Profession Board of China Association of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine. She had accumulated abundant experience in treating such disease as: refractory eczematous dermatitis, chronic & acute urticaria, vertiligo, chloasma, acne, alopecia, psoriasis, fungoid dermatosis, cutaneous vasculitis, venereal disease, bullous dermatosis and lupus erythematosus (SLE), dermatomyositis, scleroderma and other stubborn dermatology diseases etc. Dr. Wu also skilled in treating vertiligo by combination of self-skin grafting, laser, photo-chemistry and Chinese herbal medicine, it had gained remarkable effectiveness. She also uses photopatch for screening and testing exogenous allergen of eczematous dermatitis, and uses cryotherapy, laser and wart embed to treat different kinds of virus wart, pigmented moles, dermatome, venereal disease etc.

Dr. Wu has 20 years clinical experience of skin disease, had been to Shanghai Huashan Hospital for further training of Dermatology, has been in charging and participating in several research projects, among them, 4 are ministry projects and 8 are provincial research projects, two of research achievements have been awarded. Over 30 papers had been published in domestic recognized medical journals, wrote two training textbooks.

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