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Department of Respiratory



It is State SFDA clinical trial base ofnew Chinese medicine, sees 44,000 outpatients and 1900 inpatients annually. The dept makes the full use of the advantage of Chinese medicine combining with western medicine, formulates individualized treatment for different kind of patients by means of moderating COPD syndromes, promoting degrade therapy of asthma and prolongs its stable stage, preventing pulmonary interstitial fibrosis etc. They also achieved outstanding result in treating lung cancer, chronic cough, sleep apnea syndrome, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease etc. It has been received satisfied effectiveness of treating COPT by means of winter diseases treated in summer and winter tonic therapy. The dept is in the leading position in China for treating various kinds of respiratory disease. At present, the dept has been undertaking 42 scientific medical researches, 21 of them have been awarded with provincial and bureau prize.


Dr. Song Kang, Chief Physician of Chinese Medicine, excellent instructor of academic experience inheritance task of national experts of Chinese medicine, the fourth member of council of China Association of Chinese Medicine, standing committee member of Internal Medicine Board of China Association of Chinese Medicine, executive member of council of Respiration Board of World Federation?of Chinese Medicine Societies, executive member of council of Zhejiang Association of Chinese Medicine and Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Chairman of Lung Disease Board of Zhejiang Association of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine and Zhejiang Association of Oncology.

 Dr. Song is specializing in treating respiratory diseases and internal difficult and complicate disorders by Chinese medicine of combination of Chinese and Western Medicine. He had accumulated abundant clinical experience in treating chronic cough, lung cancer, COPD, asthma, ILD. Meanwhile, Dr. Song emphasis on life cultivation & health preservation, regulating body general constitution and rebuild Yin and Yang balance of menopause age patients. 

Dr. Song is an academic leader in many national key research projects and specialty key research projects. He had dominating and participating over 20 research projects from state, province and other ministries. Over 10 achievements had been awarded. Over 50 literatures have been published on different China core journals, chief or participated in editing many monographs.   

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