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Training Subjects:

 IEC-TCM offers over 15 departments with 25 specialties to TCM practitioners for clinical experience exchange and advanced training. The training subjects as offered are: 

Acupuncture, Tuina (Massage), TCM-Internal Medicine, Bi Syndromes, TCM-Gynecology, TCM-Pediatrics, TCM-Neurology, TCM-Auto-Immune Disorder, TCM-Cardiology, TCM-Respiratory Disorder, TCM-Endocrine Disorder, TCM-Digestive Disorder, TCM-Orthopedics & Traumatology, TCM-Facial Massage, TCM Nephrology & Immunology, Herbal Pharmacology, TCM-Oncology, TCM-Dermatology, etc. Participants can choose programs according to personal need. Some Inpatient Departments can also be visited. 

The patterns of training include clinical practice, techniques demonstration and training, special topic lecturing, tasting the original raw herbs and watching its processing. It is also possible to have Tai Chi Chuan and medical QIGONG training. In order to facilitate clear communication, we provide well-trained translators in English.The clinicians involved in providing the educational program are TCM consultants, professors and experts,  and each has 10-40 years of clinical experience. They teach students how to diagnose and treat different kinds   of common diseases, frequent encountered diseases and refractory diseases. For some trainees, if they already accumulate certain clinical experience, it is possible for them to participate in some clinical treatment under doctors' instruction. If over 6 students were organized, it is possible to arrange 2-3 lectures every week. The lectures are characterized with senior doctors' rich clinical experiences for treating specific diseases. Participants are welcome to put their request for specific topic of lectures. By the combination of clinical practice with classroom lecture, it improves the training effectiveness significantly and builds up participants' interests and confidents rapidly.

During the study in the hospital, participants must comply with hospital regulations, include leaving system, curriculum management system etc.

Duration of Training:
The clinical training ranges from one month to one year, and are available round the year.

Training Target:

The aim of the training program is to provide various clinical opportunities for students to familiar with and master the basic theory and basic skills of the subject; experience and master the diagnosis, differentiations and treatment of common diseases, frequent encountered diseases, can agilely apply Chinese medicine, massage and/or acupuncture for different kinds of health problems.

Language: English, Chinese.

How to apply:

The clinical training program is specially designed for overseas practitioners of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Tuina, and/or hope to have an advanced clinical training in the origin country of TCM. It is also suitable for Chinese medicine and acupuncture Amateurs and beginners who already have certain background of TCM theory and hope to have more clinical experiences. Applicants just need to submit their application form in two months advance to Zhejiang International Exchange Center of Clinical TCM.

֤1.jpg Certificate:  
certificate will be issued to attendees by Affiliated First Hospital of ZhejiangChinese Medical University and Zhejiang International Exchange Center of Clinical TCM, state with the subjects you have practiced and credit hours you have been earned. Upon the completion of intensive training, a beautiful 
It is the best place for all level practitioners of acupuncture, massage and Chinese medicine to enrich your TCM knowledge and build up your confidence.

Materials for Application and Registration:
1.) Completed application form
2.) Copy (scan) of latest education certificate
3.) Scan of passport
4.) Electric photo
5.) Personal resume


1.) Applicants down load the application form from 
2.) Submit the completed form together with the above documents to Zhejiang International Exchange Center of Clinical TCM:
3.) The training center applies a letter of "study/visit visa application approval" from local authorities for applicants. 
4.) Applicants apply "study/visit visa to China" with the approval from Chinese Embassy in their home country.


The tuition from March 1st to Oct 30th: RMB 7000.00/4 weeks, 5 workdays a week, including English translation or teaching in English, or RMB 1750.00/week. The tuition from Nov 1st to Fec 28th: RMB 5500.00/4 weeks, 5 workdays a week, including English translation or teaching in English, or RMB 1375.00/week. If over 6 applicants can be organized in one group and study over 4 weeks, each group member can get certain discount. 

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